Trimmed landscaping shrubs and hedges in front of a home in Rhinecliff, NY.

Landscape Trimming Services Hyde Park, NY, & Nearby Areas Like Rhinecliff, Rhinebeck, & Poughkeepsie

We trim bushes, shrubs, hedges, and small trees to keep your landscaping looking well-maintained.

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We offer landscape trimming services in Hyde Park, Rhinecliff, Rhinebeck, and the surrounding areas.

Landscape trimming occurs 3 times per year, or once a month for decorative shrubs and hedges, and is done to maintain the look and feel of hedges, small trees, and more.

Bushes, shrubs, hedges, and small trees have a mind of their own. If left uncared for, they will grow in random patterns to stretch in all directions for maximum sunlight. It’s important to bring in professionals to keep your precious plants the shape and size you desire.

Our experienced team manages landscape trimming for commercial and residential customers in Hyde Park, Rhinecliff, Rhinebeck, and the surrounding areas. We recommend trimming be done three times a year, or once per month for decorative plants.

A full landscaping bed that has been trimmed by our team.

Regular Trimming Maintains Shape & Size For Ideal Looks

Most home and business owners don’t want their landscaping to resemble a wild forest. Rogue branches can grow out several feet from other branches, leading to a disorganized appearance and generally unpleasant look.

Hedge lines should be trimmed to create a flush, even shape that runs in a continuous line. Bushes and shrubs need air to breathe and produce flowers, which isn’t possible if overgrowth allows certain branches to dominate.

Small trees also require regular care, otherwise dead or diseased branches may fall, causing injury and insect infestations as they decompose. Untrimmed branches can also interfere with structures, driveways, and walkways.

It’s best to schedule a visit from our team to bring your landscape elements back to their intended shape, size, and ideal appearance as they can use their experience to ensure your plants are trimmed properly.

Landscape Trimming Schedule Includes 3 Annual Visits or Monthly Visits When Needed

Our landscape trimming schedule is designed for the needs of the customer. The majority of our clients will only require service three times a year. Other clients with designer landscaping or hedges can set up monthly visits from our team.

Hedges and certain landscaping arrangements need more frequent trimming because the plants are often custom trimmed for specific shapes or patterns. Feel free to reach out to our office if you have questions about your commercial or residential property needs.

We Trim Bushes, Hedges, Shrubs, and Small Trees

While our team is on site, they will trim bushes, shrubs, hedges, and small trees up to 10-12 feet in height. We ensure that any unhealthy branches are removed and work to shape your plants for appearances and breathing room.

It takes a professional eye to understand which parts of the plant to remove without leaving it too bare. We take care to leave plenty of leaf surface to allow proper photosynthesis to occur while being sure to create the shapely look customers desire.

Small trees in front of a home that we trimmed and shaped for a client.

Popular Landscaping Plants in the Hudson Valley

There is a great variety of gorgeous bushes, shrubs, and small trees available for landscaping in our Hudson Valley region of New York. Our pros know how to manage each and plant and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Popular landscaping plants include:

  • Hydrangea
  • Lavender
  • Yellow Waxbells
  • Sea-Holly
  • Broad Leaf Sedge
  • Button Bush
  • Alternate Leave Dogwood
  • Woodbine
  • American Groundnut
  • Many, many more

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