A large rural property in Hyde Park, NY that we mow on a regular basis.

Lawn Mowing Services Hyde Park, NY, & Nearby Areas Like Rhinecliff, Rhinebeck, & Poughkeepsie

Our mowing services package consists of 26-30 cuts with mowing, string-trimming, edging, and blowing grass clippings off of concrete surfaces.

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Scheduled lawn mowing services include string-trimming, blowing, and edging in Hyde Park and nearby Hudson Valley, NY areas.

Our lawn mowing package offered on a weekly and bi-weekly basis can also be a part of our full-service package.

Our scheduled lawn mowing services offer two great benefits: great looks, and a healthier lawn. Our team has the right tools to get the job done quickly and properly for residential and commercial clients.

Let us free up your weekends and put a smile on your face every time you pull into your driveway in Hyde Park, Rhinecliff, Rhinebeck, and additional service areas. We offer mowing packages with weekly and bi-weekly mows as well as a full-service package.

Close up of our string trimmer, trimming around a property.

Full-Service Annual Package Offers Best Value, Includes Scheduled Lawn Care, Snow Removal, & Yard Cleanups

We can provide one-time mows or a stand-alone mowing package. But our highest value offer comes with our full-service annual package.

The annual package provides regularly scheduled services, including:

  • Scheduled Mowing
    • Bi-weekly during April - May
    • Weekly during summer
    • Bi-weekly during October to end of season
    • Amounts to 26-30 cuts per season
  • Blowing, Trimming, Edging
  • Landscape Bed Shaping
  • Snow Removal
  • Spring/Fall Yard Cleanups

For additional fees, we also offer a number of add-on services:

  • Landscape Weeding, Hand-pulling, Spraying
  • Annual Flower Planting
  • General Debris Removal
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing

Full-Service Professional Lawn Care Ensures Proper Mow Height for Best Results

There’s more to a proper mow than great looks. Our team is trained and experienced to identify your exact grass species and ensure that it receives the correct cut. All grass should be left with at least one-third of the green grass blade to allow for proper absorption of light, water, and air. We switch mowing patterns with each visit to discourage the grass blades from leaning in one direction, which helps them absorb nutrients and prevent ruts.

Here are basic guidelines for different grass/sod found in our part of New York:

  • Kentucky Blue Grass requires a mowing height of 2” to 2.5”
  • Fescues require a mowing height of 3” to 3.5”

Our team can service any kind of grass on your property. If you have any questions regarding the proper care, one of our team members would be happy to answer them.

A large lawn that we mow on a regular basis located in Hyde Park, NY.

Each Visit Includes Trimming, Edging, & Blowing for a Finished Look, Healthier Yard

Customers who opt into our regularly scheduled mowing or our full-service annual packages also benefit from our trimming, edging, and blowing service. Including these with regular mowing is important for achieving a finished look, with cleared curb lines, hardscapes, and neatly trimmed plants, hedges, and bushes.

Here are some additional benefits of each:

  • String-Trimming - Prevents damage to property from the overgrowth of weeds along fence lines, structures, and landscape beds.
  • Blowing - Prevents pileup of additional debris and leaves, reducing insect infestations and damage to lawns
  • Edging - Creates a clean-cut line along curbs and hardscape edges, preventing grass from “reaching” for water and air outside of your normal lawn area.

As part of our annual package, customers will also receive a spring and fall yard cleanup, which includes a complete leaf removal service. Cleaning up excessive leaves helps to avoid damage to grass, soil, and prevents insects from infesting your property.

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Our lawn mowing packages allow you to free yourself from the time consuming, stressful tasks that great-looking lawns require. We handle it all in Hyde Park, Rhinecliff, Rhinebeck, and the surrounding areas. Call (845) 418-9227 today to speak to begin your consultation.

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